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Chef Series: Kyle’s Duck a l'Orange with Lyonnaise Potatoes

Chef Series: Kyle’s Duck a l'Orange with Lyonnaise Potatoes

Serves 2


2 Magills Chinese Five Spice Slow Cooked Duck Legs 

l’Orange Sauce: 

60gm Caster sugar 

3 Oranges, juiced 

1 Orange, zest

30ml Cointreau (orange liquor) 

3 sprigs of Thyme 

1 tbsp vinegar of your choice 

1 tbsp Butter

Potatoes Lyonnaise:

500gm Piccolo potatoes 

Olive oil

Rapeseed oil

2 tbsp Balsamic vinegar 

2 Brown onions



3 cloves Garlic 

Tbsp Butter 


Toasted hazelnuts, optional


Start by making sure you have all ingredients for your orange sauce weighed and ready. Slice your potatoes into medallions about 2cm thick. Finely slice your brown onions and garlic.

Open your duck legs up and squeeze the leg into an oven tray, save as much of the stock as you can (spoon out and put to side) as you will add this to your orange sauce. Place duck legs in the oven at 180 degrees fan bake for 30 mins. 

To make the sauce: put sugar and vinegar into a saucepan on a medium heat, stirring occasionally until the sugar turns into a deep bronze caramel. When you get to this point, take off the heat and add in your duck stock, orange juice, Cointreau, herbs and spices. Bring back to a medium heat and reduce until it has thickened - approx 30mins. At this point, make a start on your potatoes - but continue to stir your orange sauce as you do not want it to burn. 

Take your potato medallions and place them in boiling water with a splash of vinegar for 5 minutes, then drain and dry. 

Put your sliced onions into a large skillet with a couple of tablespoons of hot rapeseed oil and a tablespoon of butter, turn down to a medium heat and add your chopped garlic. Stir for 10 mins or until soft and slightly golden, then add your balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper. Remove from the pan.

In your now empty pan, add just enough rapeseed oil to cover the bottom of the pan and bring to a high heat. Add your dry potatoes and cook until you can see the potatoes starting to crispen and brown, add your onions to your potatoes, toss with some chopped chives and parsley, and season.

By this point your sauce should have thickened - stir in your butter and season with salt and pepper.

Finally, put your orange zest into a small pot covered with water and bring to the boil for 2 mins with a teaspoon of sugar (this process takes the bitterness away from the orange zest). Drain water and reserve zest. Strain your orange sauce, add zest and any extra fresh orange pieces for garnishing. Enjoy!

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