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Chef Series: Kyle’s Vietnamese Pork Belly with Coconut Rice

Serves 2 

400gm Magills Slow Cooked Pork Belly 


115gm Brown sugar or palm sugar 

3 Star anise 

10ml Coconut water 

Tsp Fish sauce 

Tsp Lime juice 

Coconut rice:

400gm rice 

165ml tin Coconut cream

Tsp finely grated Ginger

Nam Jim sauce:

10gm Brown sugar

Roots from one bunch Coriander

15gm fresh Ginger, peeled & zested 

25ml Lime juice

Tsp Fish sauce 

Fresh chilli, finely sliced 





Start by making the Nam Jim sauce. Place the sugar, coriander roots, and lime juice in a blender and mix to combine. Add ginger, chilli and fish sauce, give it a stir and set aside. 

Next make the caramel. In a small pot over a medium heat, bring brown sugar, anise and coconut water to a simmer for five minutes. Stir your lime juice and fish sauce in. Set aside. 

Now to cook rice - start by rinsing in water and grating your ginger. In a medium pot over medium heat, place a little oil in with your ginger and stir with a wooden spoon. Once this starts to get fragrant, add your rice, then cover with water. Bring to a boil for 8 minutes, reduce heat and simmer until rice is fully cooked. Fold in your coconut cream. 

To cook your pork belly use either a deep fryer, canola oil in a large thick based pot/wok, or bake in an air fryer.  

For all methods - pat dry with a paper towel and remove any gelatine. If using a deep fryer, simply heat to 180 degrees, carefully drop the pork bellies in one at a time, covering after each one as it will splatter. If using canola oil in a pot, heat over stovetop and bring to 180 degrees. Drop pieces in carefully, covering after each one. Keep a close eye on them as they will cook fast. If using an air fryer, pat belly dry and cover the skin with a good sprinkle of salt. Bake at 180 for 20 minutes. Once your pork belly is crispy & golden, place each piece in the caramel and cover until fully coated. 

Place your pork belly on a bed of coconut rice, drizzle your Nam Jim sauce over top and garnish with fresh mint and coriander. 

And for something a little extra! Use up the remainder of your coconut water by making this beverage: either juice two limes, or use 4 tbsp of fresh lime juice. Pop juice, mint and ice in a glass and cover with your coconut water. Enjoy! 

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