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Harissa Lamb Mince with Whipped Feta

500gm NZ Lamb Mince 

3 tbsp Harissa seasoning

250gm feta 

100gm greek yoghurt 

Pomegranate seeds

Brown onion


Lemon juice



Red onion

White vinegar (enough to cover your chopped cucumber and red onion)

Caster sugar approx 2 tbsp 

Garlic pitas 

Start by making your pickled cucumber and red onion - slice thinly (use mandolin if you have one), then in a container cover with white vinegar and add your caster sugar. Pop lid on, give it a shake to mix it up and put in fridge until you serve or for at least 1 hour.

Chop brown onion and garlic, pop in a pan with olive oil. Add lamb mince and harrisa seasoning and stir until cooked. 

Crumble your feta, add yoghurt, garlic, lemon juice (to your taste) and whizz in a food processor until you have a thick whipped consistency. 

When you are ready to plate up quickly toast your garlic pitas in a dry non stick frypan until they’re golden and the garlic butter in the middle is melted. When serving, spread your whipped feta over a plate and pop the mince on, then top with pomegranate seeds and fresh chopped chives.

A great lunch or dinner option! Fresh & full of flavour.

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