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Chinese Five Spice Duck Banh Mi 


French stick 

Magills Slow Cooked Chinese Duck Leg 




White vinegar

Caster sugar 

Aioli or mayo 


Chilli oil or hot sauce 

  1. Start a minimum of an hour in advance and make the pickled cucumber and shallots. Start by slicing the cucumber into strips (length ways) and finely slice the shallots. Pop in a container and cover with white vinegar, add 2 tbsp of caster sugar, pop the lid on and give it a good shake then leave in the fridge. 
  2. Closer to when you want to serve your bahn mi’s, pop your slow cooked duck legs in the air fryer or oven (can use either fan bake or grill) - remove from the bag completely and place in dish or tray. We like to do it this way so the skin gets nice and crispy. It will take approx 15-20 mins. If you’re short on time you can pop them in the microwave. Simply snip a corner of the bag off and place in a bowl, and heat in microwave for two and a half minutes. 
  3. Whilst the duck is re-heating, use a julienne peeler for the carrot 
  4. When the duck is ready, remove the meat from the bone and pop everything in your french stick, top with your sauce and any other garnishes of your choice (we love coriander for this Vietnamese dish!)
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