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Chermoula Pulled Lamb Burgers

Serves 2


Magills Pulled Lamb - 200gm  

Chermoula paste - 1 heaped tspn

Brioche buns - x2

Purple cabbage - small quarter

White vinegar - enough to cover cabbage

Caster sugar - 2 tbspn

Feta - to your taste

Mayo - to your taste

Harissa seasoning or paste - to your taste

Fresh veggies - e.g. carrot, cucumber, tomato 


Start by quick-pickling the purple cabbage. Slice thinly then pop in a container and cover with white vinegar and add a couple of tablespoons of caster sugar. Leave in fridge for at least an hour. 

Prep the other veggies you are popping on your burger before you get the Pulled Lamb ready, and stir your Harissa paste or seasoning through your mayo to make the sauce. Once the veggies are done, re-heat the Pulled Lamb by either snipping a corner of the bag off and heating in microwave for two and a half minutes then adding the chermoula paste, or empty the Pulled Lamb into a frypan with the chermoula paste and keep stirring until hot. 

We like to heat our brioche buns before adding the filling. Either lightly toast, or add a little butter or ghee to your frying pan and toast buns like that.

Spread your Harissa mayo on your buns, add your Pulled Lamb, veggies, and crumble your feta. Enjoy!

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