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Pork Belly Fried Rice

Serves 4 

600gm Magills Slow Cooked Pork Belly 

1 cup rice 

2 tbsp Soy sauce 

1 tsp Chinese Black Vinegar 

1 tsp Fish sauce 

2 tbsp Chilli oil 

Fresh coriander (to your taste) 

Half brown onion (diced)

2 cloves Garlic (diced)

3 large mushrooms (diced) 

4 Eggs 

To serve:

Chopped peanuts 

Fresh coriander 

Fresh spring onion

Chilli oil 


Start by cooking rice, then lay it on a plate as flat as possible to cool down. 

Whilst cooling, dice your onion, garlic and mushroom. Then add cold rice to a frying pan with the soy sauce, fish sauce, chilli oil, garlic, brown onion, coriander, mushroom and black vinegar. Cook until the rice is nice and dry. 

Whisk together your eggs, then add to the rice and cook until the egg is spread and the rice mix is nice and dry again. Set aside. 

Dice your Slow Cooked Pork Belly into pieces and fry in the pan, or keep the pieces slightly bigger (1 piece per person) and cook in an air fryer. To achieve cracking, remove the gelatine and let the pork dry out before cooking. Cover the skin in a decent amount of salt (remove excess before serving). If cooking in bigger pieces, you can pop in the oven or airfryer whilst the rice mix is cooking. Either method of heating should only take about 10-15 minutes. 

Serve pork on fried rice and top with chopped peanuts, fresh herbs and extra chilli oil!

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